Notorious ZANUPF CIO Misheck Saopa impregnates Akhona Jacobs behind Winnet Murerwa’s back


Winnet Murerwa (daughter to ZANUPF Herbert Murerwa ) is Misheck’s girlfriend but Mischeck being the notorious and abusive womaniser he is ,impregnated another girl called Akhona Jacobs.

Remember I said Misheck is changing women as if there is no tomorrow ,but he is still to wed Winnet. By the way he is a drunkard ZAOGA staunch christian. Akhona Jacobs has been staying with Misheck for more than a year.She was Winnet’s friend and studying at the same university in South Africa .

And guess what happened recently, Akhona Jacobs was kicked out by Winnet and Misheck after she claimed she was carrying Misheck’s foetus.All hell broke loose and Winnet instead of siding with Akhona to kick Misheck out ,she sided with the womaniser.I thought the other day I posted saying  women should gang against women abusers like Misheck.

The notorious CIO masquerades as a student in South Africa and yet he is a ZANUPFCIO on a mission. One of the notorious CIO’s sent by ZANUPF to neighbouring countries.

Anyway,Akhona is now history .In 3 months time she should be giving birth to Misheck’s child.Congratulatons ,Makorokoto ,Amhlope Misheck and Akhona.


Pregnant Akhona with Mischeck’s child