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Cheating couple caught with private parts stuck to each other at Matapi Hostels in Mbare

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In a suspected use of ‘runyoka’ - the famed so-called central locking system - a cheating couple was caught stuck to each other at Matapi Hostels in Mbare yesterday. They were believed to be in their sexual positions in a story that got the whole city’s ever-so-busy tongues wagging!

Traders’ goods at Mbare Musika are also feared to have been stolen after they left them making a bee line to Matapi Police Station where the couple was believed to have been taken. Officer in Charge at Matapi Police Station dismissed the rumour before referring H-Metro to the provincial police spokesperson. “We are surprised to see all these people flocking here but we never saw anyone coming with that case here,” he said in defence.

But that did not stop SCORES of rumour-mongering Harare residents from flocking to Matapi Police Station despite being told by police that is was possibly a hoax. It would seem they don’t entirely believe the denials of the police force if the numbers that continued to swell and expect to ‘see’ the phenomenon is anything to go by. “Confirm finer details with our spokesperson, but we honestly have no idea of the story,” said the Officer in Charge.

More than 2 000 people thronged the police station demanding the police to bring out the stuck couple. Reinforcements were called to control the swelling curious crowd who were passing time among each other discussing sex stories freely among different age groups who attended. If there ever was a World Cup of SEX and sex interest, Zimbabwe would no doubt be the equivalent of Brazil in football judging from the drooling mouths and enthusiastic sex talk!

“If you do not bring them out we will not leave this place because they have been brought to your police station,” the crowd was heard shouting. “Tavaona vakanamirana vaunzwa varimuchingoro kunge ladder vaburitsei pamavaviga,” they chanted. (Bring them out we saw them stuck together. Take them out from that ladder-like truck where you hid them.)

Two tear smoke canisters were used to control the crowd who wanted to bring the fence down before the reinforcements moved swiftly to control the increasingly volatile situation. The door to the public relations and liaison office, which was sealed, became another focus of attention from the crowd. They were convinced that is where the stuck-in-sex couple was being hidden and they wanted them sniffed out and exposed.

However, according to police the room was locked because the staff were said to have attended a sporting activity. Some of the onlookers who spoke to H-Metro said the charms used in such cases are unlocked by going public and suspected that the locked couple could have disappeared into the crowd. That was a rather long shot as nobody sporting the fashion ‘labels’ of either Adam or Eve was seen sauntering away from the scene or within the crowd!

Others were suggesting that the man has to urinate so as to get released from the central locking ‘curse’. Runyoka is a traditional way where juju is used to lock mainly women so that they do not cheat with other man. If they do, they get stuck together and often only the woman’s husband can held them separate. It was commonly used by male workers who go for night shifts or cross border work in a way to safe guard their natural ‘blessed well’ it is believed.

When H-Metro left the place around 5pm more people were still flocking to catch a glimpse of the stuck couple as police were in control of the salivating curious crowd. They were still convinced that the police were up to no good and ‘hiding something’. Efforts to contact higher offices in the police ranks proved fruitless by the time of going to print. However, the case proved that Harare is fast becoming the rumour capital of the world with people coming from far and wide to ‘SEE’ something police claim never was in the first place!

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