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Two porn stars exposed as Kumbirai Garapo and Audrey Gaker

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Two unlikely porn stars have been exposed as first-year college students.Kumbirai Garapo, 21, is seen romping with his girlfriend Audrey Gaker, 21, in a two-hour long video said to have been shot at the Harare Polytechnic.

The video was inexplicably uploaded to the Pornotech, oops, Polytech’s computer network – accessible to EVERYONE at the college.

Both Garapo and Gaker are studying Information Technology, and they appeared to have put their newly-acquired knowledge to good use in the video recorded with a simple laptop webcam.

The “movie” begins with Garapo lying naked on a bed waiting for Gaker. The curvaceous Gaker comes into camera view a few minutes later, naked, and jumps on the bed.

The couple are soon pleasuring each other with oral sex before getting locked in a steamy sex scene. They change positions throughout the “movie” which bears a date of September 21, 2010.

The pair did not use protection.
Confronted over the discovery, Garapo blamed “haters” for letting his bedroom secrets out.

He claimed the recording had been made by mistake – but the video evidence suggests the couple knew what they were up to. At different times, Garapo is seen adjusting the webcam, and Gaker gives an intimate monologue to the camera.

Pleading with reporters not to blow his cover, Garapo said: “I think it is haters who leaked that video. My relationship with Audrey is the centre of attraction at the college. A lot of guys wanted her as well.

“My father is a well-known man and this will bring shame to him, and I am afraid that if Audrey’s father hears about this, she might elope to our house.”

The Polytechnic has not commented and Garapo denies the movie was shot on campus.
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