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James Makamba's daughter arrested

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James Makamba’s daughter has been arrested on charges of not settling her bill. Police late yesterday evening dismissed earlier reports that she had been found in possession of drugs.

Chiyedza Makamba was arrested on allegations that she had not paid for clothes she bought from a Harare businesswoman, Shirley Matongorere. Substances suspected to be drugs were also found on her after the arrest on Tuesday. They were the same substances the police later denied were drugs.

“The fraud section visited her home weeks ago, after the complainant had reported the case but she was not found,” said a source that gave H-Metro the initial information. “When they finally got hold of her, she was given a week to settle the debt, with the approval of the complainant. “After she failed to meet the deadline, the CID had no option but to take action yesterday (on Tuesday).

“She was locked up and is expected to appear in court.” Ms Makamba hit the headlines recently when the debt issue came up. The self-proclaimed queen of “bling bling” was reported not to have settled the debt of more than US$1 700. The complainant then approached the CID.

Police spokesperson Inspector James Sabau referred all questions to Detective Inspector Zindile. “I’m not aware of the issue (of this) but speak to the spokesperson on the issue. He will give you the comment,” he said. The spokesperson, Detective Inspector Augustine Zindile on Tuesday confirmed the arrest.

“I do confirm that we are investigating a case where it is alleged that Chiyedza Makamba sold her friend’s clothes and converted the money to her personal use,” he said. “The reports about drugs are unfounded. We cannot, however, give you any other information.” But, contrary to the police assertions that Ms Makamba sold her friend’s clothes and failed to hand over the money, H-Metro had earlier on been told that she had actually taken the clothes on credit for personal use.

The complainant, Mrs Shirley Matongorere, also confirmed the arrest but was no longer interested in discussing the issue. “I’m aware that she has been arrested but I now no longer want to discuss the matter. All I want is to recover my money,” she said. H-Metro’s main source on the matter provided more information the matter. The arrest was dramatic as Ms Makamba is said to have tried to dupe the CID.

“When they arrived, they were told she was not at home. But they didn’t go away. “They kept the house under surveillance and finally discovered she was in the house.” Chiyedza Makamba’s mother was reported to be making frantic efforts to rescue the situation on Tuesday.

She is said to have offered to pay about a third of the amount owed and then pay the balance later. Mrs Makamba is said to have been furious when her daughter’s story last hit the headlines. “Their relationship was strained after the issue was reported in the media,” said the source.

“But she will still help her daughter, despite the fact that they were no longer staying under the same roof. “She was more infuriated by the fact that Chiyedza had accrued the debt by also buying shirts for her boyfriend, musician Yaga.” About 10 of the designer shirts were said to be for Yaga.

But Yaga had promised to pay for his own shirts after the debt matter erupted. “The whole fracas has led to the break-up of the couple,” the source said. “Yaga was not happy about it as well.” When Mrs Makamba was contacted by H-Metro on Tuesday, she said she was not aware that her daughter had been arrested.

“I have not been told,” she said. Further investigations by H-Metro on the issue of substances found on Ms Makamba revealed that they were in the form of small pills. “The outlook did not suggest anything, but police suspected it was either capsules of cocaine or mandrax, at first glance,” said an inside source.

These allegations have now been officially refuted, although authorities are silent on what the pills actually contained from their chemical analysis if at all any pills were found, as stated by our source. “This would have complicated the issue. “The initial case could easily have been solved by paying the debt and making a polite request to the complainant to withdraw charges,” said the inside source.

Chiyedza is the daughter of businessman James Makamba, who is out of the country. Makamba is the founder of Telecel and has since been de-specified along with a number of other businessmen.

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