Landlord caught half-naked in lodger’s bedroom


    The landlord has been charged with unlawful entry and indecent exposure.He is expected to appear before a Chitungwiza Magistrates’ Court today.

    The landlord, a teacher at Zengeza High School, said although he knew he had "erred" in entering the couple’s bedroom, he had lost his bearings after visiting the toilet.

    He also claimed he had been drunk after a binge the previous day.The man looks after the property on behalf of his in-laws who have another house in the town.

    Mr Munyamana said he had always had visions of the abuse and discussed it with his wife who admitted she had the same experiences.She confirmed she experienced sexual encounters in her sleep.

    "The problem is that I have not been able to be intimate with my wife because since I started staying here, I suddenly lost all (sexual) desire," he said.

    "After that, I always had dreams of someone abusing my wife while I could not do anything, besides the fact that I would be sleeping next to her."

    Mr Munyamana said he sought advice from church elders after discussing the problem with his wife. "I also discussed it with my uncle. Even after using aphrodisiacs, I could not perform."

    He said church leaders prayed for him, advising him he would soon come face-to-face with the person who was abusing his wife.

    On the fateful day, Mr Munyamana said, the family was roused from sleep by noise in the neighbourhood as people were chasing a thief.

    "While discussing the noise outside the house, we heard noise in our section of the house. I was arguing with my wife over the source of the noise when my landlord, who uses the other section of the house, entered the room and grabbed my wife, who was trying to switch on the light."

    Mr Munyamana alleges when the light was on, he saw his landlord, wearing only a T-shirt, dashing out of their bedroom, towards his own bedroom where he locked himself in.

    "His wife came out later to apologise to us, insisting that her husband had lost his way while going to the toilet.

    "But we are surprised at that, because the toilet is in the opposite direction to our rooms. If he had lost way, he could not have gone through three doors before entering my bedroom," he said.

    Mr Munyamana’s children, who said they were sleeping in the sitting room when they saw the landlord running out of the room, corroborated this.

    Mr Munyamana’s wife, Florence Gwanzura confirmed what her husband said had happened.

    "He has had the problem for some time and all efforts had been in vain and although I always felt violated every morning I never told my husband, until he told me about his dreams."

    The landlord apologised to the couple when they took him to the police.

    He admitted to the police at Chitungwiza Town Centre Police Station that he was aware that he had erred.