Snake in pants torture boy recovers


    The boy’s uncle, Itai Tawengwa, said he was happy that the boy has now fully recovered but what was only left for them is to finish paying the traditional healer who was treating him.

    He said the media did a wonderful job and that it is not a hidden fact that the current developments came through the exposure the case got from the media, hence journalists have to be commended for a job well done on the issue.

    “The boy is now alright and I thank you guys from the media for what you did for my family. If the issue was not exposed like you did, I believe the boy would have died from that strange attack. The traditional healer has treated him and what is left for us is to pay.

    “When I visited the place where he is on Tuesday, the boy was strong and there is now no sign that he was once in a terrible situation like we know. The traditional healer said the boy is now all right and what is left for us is to pay,” said Mr Tawengwa, without clarifying the balance they still owe.

    The boy had said he met the woman at Bell Mine near Kwekwe and had sex with her. Three days later, a strange snake would emerge from nowhere and enter his body through his foot. When the snake reached his private parts, it would start eating him resulting in him groaning and screaming.

    The family had to travel to Kwekwe to look for the woman and her husband but could not locate them. It emerged that the woman had since separated with the first husband who is suspected to have “locked” her.

    The woman is alleged to have got another husband and the two use protection when mating in a bid to prevent the man from being affected by the lock.