Drama as corpse knocks on coffin


    The incident occurred on Tuesday at a house situated near Mpopoma Park during evening prayers.A mourner told Chronicle that the body had been brought home in preparation for burial the following day.

    “As you know our African tradition entails that when a person dies, a day before burial he or she is brought home. We all thought that it was a routine tradition not knowing that we were going to get the shock of our lives,” said the mourner.

    The mourner said they heard noise coming from the coffin while a pastor was giving a sermon.

    “It was really scary because everyone was quiet, listening attentively to the pastor and all of a sudden people who were sitting inside the house started screaming,” he said.

    The mourner said the pastor inquired as to what was happening only to get a response that the corpse had “knocked”.

    “However, the pastor quickly quelled the screams and told the mourners that they were frightened by his preachings as everyone was going to die and that it was impossible for anyone to rise from the dead apart from Jesus Christ,” he said.

    The source said after the screams had subsided and the pastor having recommenced preaching the corpse started “knocking” again which resulted in mourners sitting inside the house fleeing outside.

    “There was almost a stampede because everyone was afraid even the pastor was visibly so. Mourners who were sitting outside also took off headed for the gate.”

    The source said some male mourners together with the pastor later gathered courage and went inside the house to check if the corpse was still knocking.

    “After they got back inside, the knocking had reportedly stopped but no one dared open the coffin for fear of the unknown,” said the source.

    The source said some of the mourners immediately left before the sermon ended.

    “We are Africans my brother and I do not blame those people for fleeing because no one knew what was happening,” he said.

    Chronicle is informed that the burial proceedings went well.