Man rapes stepdaughter as mother binges


    The 23-year-old was not asked to plead when he appeared before magistrate Mr Rogers Kachambwa last week.

    He was instructed to apply for bail in the High Court, which has jurisdiction over such applications.

    Prosecutor Mrs Valery Kativhu Ngoma told the court that on July 31 this year, the girl was left at home with her young brother while the accused and his wife went to a nearby bar.

    The man allegedly came back alone and sneaked into his bedroom.

    The State alleges that the teenager went to the bedroom, unaware that her stepfather was inside, to get some blankets.

    He allegedly closed the door while she was in the bedroom and grabbed her hands.

    The court heard that the girl asked him what he wanted to do but he did not answer.Instead he allegedly tied her hands behind her back using a shoelace and raped her once.

    After the alleged rape, he is said to have untied her and boasted that he would remain scot-free because he had friends at Kuwadzana Police Station.

    However, the girl went to Marimba Police Station and made a report there leading to her stepfather’s arrest.