Pornography woman abused sister teen son


    The 26-year-old woman took advantage of her sister’s absence to become intimate with the teen son for seven months.

    She would play pornographic movies before enticing the boy into sleeping with her.

    The woman was convicted on her own plea of guilt to aggravated indecent assault when she appeared before Harare regional magistrate Mr Peter Kumbawa, who jailed her for nine years effective.

    Initially, Mr Kumbawa had sentenced the woman to 15 years in prison before conditionally setting six aside.

    In passing sentence, Mr Kumbawa said the fact that the abuse occurred on several occasions showed her determination and persistence.

    Facts are that in April this year, the woman was invited by her sister to Harare to look after her two sons while she travelled abroad on business.

    The court heard that in the same month the woman would enter the boy’s bedroom while naked at around midnight and force him to have intercourse with her.

    The sexual abuse is believed to have taken place whenever she was left alone with the boy between April and November. The boy revealed the abuse to his mother on November 4 leading to the woman’s arrest.

    A medical examination revealed the boy had contracted an STI.