Wednesday, February 22, 2017



    A directorof a Harare-based company has been arrested on allegations of stealing airtime cards worth US$150 000 from the firm and selling them to different dealers in and outside Harare.



      A former Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agent who admitted smashing an MDC supporter’s jaw with pliers, and then pulling out their tooth, has been granted asylum in the UK along with his wife.

      An MDC activist, Augustine Mahute, of Block 7 Matapi Flats in Mbare, Harare died on Saturday night at Matapi Police Station after being assaulted by police officers.



        Noah Mangwarara, a motivational speaker, writer and leadership consultant has published a motivational book titled, “Inspired Woman,” which assists women with important tips required in giving insights that women need in solving social and economic issues.

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        An attorney for Zimbabwe's finance minister says the highest court has thrown out his case in which he claims his arrest and detention during 2008 elections was illegal.


        The MDC-UK is on the brink of dumping its chairman Mr Jonathan Chawora in the wake of politically damaging allegations of financial mismanagement including ill-advising Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai about the public mood in the United Kingdom.

        A senior immigration officer has gone into hiding after he allegedly issued 26 Bangladeshis with visas without authority.

        Zimbabwe's new unity government is broke and cannot meet union demands for higher wages, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said on Friday.

        China - A Zimbabwe-registered cargo plane crashed shortly after taking off Saturday from a Shanghai airport with seven crew members aboard, state media and witnesses said.

        Finance Minister Tendai Biti said in a report that the 3 million Zimbabweans living outside the country with large numbers in South Africa and the United Kingdom could help the country fund operations and raise capital Sandra Nyaira | Washington 16 December 2009


        HIV testing and counselling is being offered to people after the identity of a man who infected his wife was revealed.The name suppression of Artwell Chakanyuka was lifted by a court this week.