Sunday, September 25, 2016



    This is a stranger-than-fiction story that sounds more like a West African movie than straight reality. A child who is born as a boy suddenly changing into a girl without surgery? That is really bizarre, but a woman from Marondera recently shocked many Zimbabweans when she claimed that her 10-month-old baby had transformed from being a boy to a girl without surgery.



      A former Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agent who admitted smashing an MDC supporter’s jaw with pliers, and then pulling out their tooth, has been granted asylum in the UK along with his wife.

      An MDC activist, Augustine Mahute, of Block 7 Matapi Flats in Mbare, Harare died on Saturday night at Matapi Police Station after being assaulted by police officers.



        The Center for Research and Development (CRD) in Zimbabwe reported that a Russia-based company, DTZ/Ozego, was secretly mining diamonds at Charleswood Estate, a large commercial farm formerly owned by MDC party treasurer Roy Bennett.

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        Two champions of democracy, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe and the Network of Chocó Women of Colombia, will be honored at the 25th anniversary celebration of the National Democratic Institute (NDI), which will be held in Washington DC on Monday, May 10.


        An Italian business man on Tuesday, December 8, died in his hotel room at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra.

        The life of a woman will be an endless struggle if we do nothing about our oppressors.Below is a message from CONOR WALSH explaining why he started an abusive topic about me on facebook under the guise of helping Zenzele Ndebele ,Shalton Yotham Ngwenya , El Cocodrilo Sitha Ngwenya,Liberty Bhebhe and other Ndebele men who have gone on a spree to destroy me over my song gukurahundi.

        Masvingo - A suspected lady of the night was found dead and naked in her house in Masvingo, amid allegations that an unknown client murdered her. The incident that has since been confirmed by police, occurred at around midnight last week.

        The government of Zimbabwe says it is more than ready to start issuing out licences for new televison and radio stations, the Minister of Information and Publicity, Webster Shamhu, told Radio VOP at the weekend.

        A University of Zimbabwe student ran amok and damaged a vehicle belonging to her former boyfriend after she caught him with her sister around midnight near the family home in Avonlea.


        Protest singer cum activist Viomak has indicated how she is convinced that her idea and efforts with Voices Of The Oppressed (VOTO) to have MDC GNU leaders declare their personal assets to monitor corruption has been hijacked by a Zimbabwean Silvanos Mudzvova who has not acknowledged that the idea and efforts are not his .