Thursday, December 8, 2016



     Mosquito ave hwindinaShein KanyumwaSHASHA yetsiva yekumboita mbiri muno, Zvenyika Arifonso, anozivikanwa nevazhinji kuti ‘Mosquito’ anoti akambosendeka mutambo wake uyu pari zvino apo akumborovana nedhoo...



      A former Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agent who admitted smashing an MDC supporter’s jaw with pliers, and then pulling out their tooth, has been granted asylum in the UK along with his wife.

      An MDC activist, Augustine Mahute, of Block 7 Matapi Flats in Mbare, Harare died on Saturday night at Matapi Police Station after being assaulted by police officers.



        Chegutu -A 42-year-old primary school teacher in Chegutu has been arrested on allegations of raping a Form One pupil and later offering her US$1 to keep the matter secret.

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        The cash-strapped Bulawayo City Council which has been failing to deliver because of a shortage of funds is set to splash about US$50 000 on a luxury car for the ceremonial mayor, it has emerged.


        People who were resettled in Matetsi near Victoria Falls are living in fear of snakes after four people were recently bitten in a week, amid revelations that a white farmer who used to keep the reptiles let them loose when he went away.

        Zimbabwe Black Book (ZBB) has launched to reveal deceitfulness, corruption and confusion dowering in Zimbabwe's government. The site and vision is an idea from a Zimbabwe youth based in the Diaspora.

        With your support “PPP” will take Zimbabwe by storm in JESUS’ MIGHTY NAME every shall bow.

        Gweru – A man who recently engaged the services of a prostitute and disappeared after paying only half of the amount charged was embarrassed when the woman vigilantly stood guard for hours on end demanding her dues.

        Justice and Legal Affairs Minister Patrick Chinamasa was detained for six hours at Frankfurt International Airport in Germany recently culminating in his failure to attend the crucial European Union-Zimbabwe dialogue in Brussels, Belgium, with immigration police grilling him over his visa.


        Richwell Phinias, renowned internet marketing consultant and the co-founder of has partnered with a number organisations in Zimbabwe in an innovative ICT project meant to give hope and support to more than 2 500 orphans.