Friday, August 26, 2016



    A Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (COPAC) rapportuer was on Wednesday arrested for alleged public indecent exposure, plunging the outreach process in turmoil as two teams from the MDC formations boycotted the exercise in an attempt to have the charges withdrawn.



      A former Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agent who admitted smashing an MDC supporter’s jaw with pliers, and then pulling out their tooth, has been granted asylum in the UK along with his wife.

      An MDC activist, Augustine Mahute, of Block 7 Matapi Flats in Mbare, Harare died on Saturday night at Matapi Police Station after being assaulted by police officers.



        While the daily life of people in Zimbabwe offers very telling insights into the extent of Mugabe’s decades of tyranny and neglect, by far the most telling cases are in South Africa.

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        Two nurses involved in a medical error that led to two cancer patients being killed by a drug overdose at a Birmingham hospital are to go before a disciplinary panel.


        There was drama at Makonde Rural District Council offices in Lions Den when a disgruntled resident spilled raw sewage in front of the offices in protest against council’s failure to attend to burst pipes at her house.

        Zimbabwe has suspended indefinitely the drafting of a constitution due to disagreements on the composition of outreach teams further deepening the country’s political crisis.

        Zimbabwe external debt, which phenomenally surged to US$7,1 billion in 2009, will shoot by eight percent to US$7,6 billion while the local debt will increase to US$1 billion by the end of 2010, statistics from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) showed last week.

        Macheke - A Macheke man has been jailed for an effective 19 years for raping his 12-year-old step daughter and infecting her with HIV.

        Chinja Maitiro is a song inspired by MDC's popular slogan.


        An officer with the Air Force of Zimbabwe had her identity stolen by a woman who fled to the UK, claimed asylum and got married to an unsuspecting husband under the false identity, a court heard.