Thursday, July 28, 2016



    Five senior members of the Zimbabwe National Student Union were arrested Saturday - on charges of misconduct and undermining the office of the President and Cabinet - for saying “Robert Mugabe is the major outstanding issue that is stalling progress for the inclusive government.”



      A former Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) agent who admitted smashing an MDC supporter’s jaw with pliers, and then pulling out their tooth, has been granted asylum in the UK along with his wife.

      An MDC activist, Augustine Mahute, of Block 7 Matapi Flats in Mbare, Harare died on Saturday night at Matapi Police Station after being assaulted by police officers.



        Two Harare men died last weekend at Parirenyatwa Hospital after taking an overdose of cocaine at their Glen Lorne home.

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        The Bulawayo City Council is battling to deal with water pipe leaks with the number of reported cases ballooning to more than 650.The latest council reports note that the water pipe leaks was a cause for concern for the city fathers.


        In 2007, Archbishop Pius Ncube of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, a fierce critic of President Robert Mugabe, was forced to step down after he was accused...

        A 32-year-old Binga neighbourhood watch committee member allegedly raped a 17-year-old rape victim he was accompanying to the police station, a court heard last week.

        In a new twist to the corruption saga in the MDC-T, the party is engaged in an attempt to foil a move to have two of its ministers put on the European Union sanctions list for allegedly conniving with their Zanu PF counterparts in corrupt activities.

        Eight fish poachers have been killed by crocodiles in a major dam in Zimbabwe in the last two weeks, media reports said Sunday.

        Bulawayo - A family was left dumbfounded when it found out that the body of its relative has been eaten by maggots at a funeral parlour, which had charged them thousands of Rand.


        The devastated parents of a 20-year-old Bulawayo man have said they had no choice but to forcibly evict their son from their Tshabalala Extension home after he confessed that he was gay.